Career with Us

"Never make your moment dull"

No matter what company or team you join, a lot is going to be asked of you – and your managers will expect you to ask a lot of them in return. It's a pattern across this sector that if you show the right dedication and ambition, you'll be given plenty of responsibility early on.

To join any of Indo Farms Marketing's top teams, you'll need to send your resume to You'll need to match the determination people in this sector prove every day. You'll need to be motivated by great results, and by knowing you're behind them. And you'll need the passion to push yourself, your ideas and your projects as far as they'll go – and then one step further.

When you're part of the right FMCG or Bio-Fertilizers team, you'll know it. You'll be surrounded by people just like you - people who want to achieve more.