About Us

"A step ahead to make the India healthy India"

Indo Farms Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a truly leading organization based in capital deals with Agricultural products FMCGs products, cattle feed & pesticides with its members or clients spread in various locations in all over the country.. with global operations, farms and distribution, logistic and servicing facilities in entire India, We strongly believe that the way to improve our Country's economy is to boost agricultural productivity. “We cannot direct the wind, But we can adjust our sails.”

We are premier supporter of the stable supply of high quality feed, fresh produce, dairy products and commodities to the local and regional markets. our unique value proposition coupled with specialization in logistics and supply chain.

Young and Ambitious are two qualities that perfectly represent the essence of Indo Farms Marketing. The true measure of success is company's commitment to exceptional service, delivery, quality product, long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.